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High quality and high standards remote control, put an end to "fake goods"--Huayun remote control manufacturer

Live delivery of goods has become the darling of retail e-commerce, and a number of delivery anchors have also become popular. One of the Internet celebrities and goods masters reached 8.8 billion sales on Double 11, and he is Simba. In his recent live broadcast of the goods, he sold the sugar water with a cost of 4 yuan as a bird's nest with high nutritional value at a price of 40 yuan. It was subsequently exposed by counterfeiters. When to start selling goods, we need to use exaggerated and false propaganda to defraud customers for consumption. Ordinary sugar water can be blown into bird's nest, and ordinary health care products can be blown into magical medicine to cure all diseases. Fake products with false propaganda dominate the market, but products with genuine materials cannot survive. Bad money drives out good money. Fake and inferior products often attract customers with lower prices and more magical effects. The colors are bright and conceal the light of the real thing. The same goes for the remote control industry. The remote controllers of the same shape use different materials, different qualities, and different prices. Often customers are attracted by low prices, not quality.

Huayun remote control manufacturer insists on the production of remote control with high standards and high quality requirements. The raw materials are made of environmentally friendly materials to ensure that they can pass Rohs, CE and other quality inspection certifications. When the raw materials arrive at our factory, IQC will carry out the first inspection, the qualified storage, the unqualified mark and the abnormal report will be returned to the supplier. After the qualified materials are put into storage, they are picked up by the production department for production. After the first product is produced, the first product will be inspected and tested. If it does not meet the customer's requirements, a production quality meeting will be opened to review how the problem occurred and how to solve the problem until it is qualified. continue to produce. During the production process, IPQC will conduct inspections. If abnormalities occur, a production quality meeting will be held to propose improvement methods to continue production. Mass production LQC will be fully inspected. After the production is completed, QA conducts reliability testing, and if it is qualified, it will be shipped in warehouse. Rework is carried out until it is unqualified.

It is the high-quality and high-quality remote control that has won the favor of many well-known domestic and foreign brands, such as: Philips, Skyworth, China Mobile, Samsung, Humax, etc. High-quality products are the foundation of the remote control manufacturers. This is the hard power, which lays a solid foundation for Huayun, and continues to innovate and develop on this basis.

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