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Can a Bluetooth voice remote control with a gyroscope (air mouse, somatosensory) be done?

Generally speaking, when it comes to a remote control with a gyroscope, or an air mouse remote control, a somatosensory remote control, the first thing you think of is a 2.4G remote control. 2.4G seems to be bound to the gyroscope, somatosensory, and air mouse. This idea is like a persistent disease that is difficult to remove. In fact, as long as you think about it, you can find that there are many Bluetooth products with gyro (sense). For example, the game controller of Nintendon Switch, the home game console of Blaze, uses Bluetooth plus somatosensory, which is exceptionally sensitive, with rapid feedback and extremely low latency. Bluetooth voice somatosensory remote control can also be done.

What is a somatosensory remote control: The somatosensory remote control is a remote control with a somatosensory function. The somatosensory function can detect the motion and position of the remote control. Somatosensory is achieved by a series of internal sensors. Such as gravity sensors to sense acceleration, gyroscopes to sense angular velocity, magnetic sensors to sense the magnetic field, as well as optical sensors, infrared sensors and so on. Combine with each other to achieve different functions.

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Bluetooth and 2.4G are essentially the same. Both use 2.4GHz short-range wireless transmission technology. The frequency is the same, but the protocol is different. Bluetooth is used to distinguish it from 2.4G. In addition, 2.4G is usually equipped with a receiver, so that you can quickly connect, and Bluetooth requires Bluetooth matching. Each has its own advantages and different fields of application. Because the use of somatosensory requires high precision and low latency. It will take a while for the remote controller to send a signal to the device to receive the signal and execute the command. As before, the 2.4G delay will be smaller than Bluetooth, so it is widely used in somatosensory, mouse and other products that require extremely low delay and high accuracy. But Bluetooth technology has also been developing. Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 5.0 can reduce latency and power consumption very well, and the connection is fast and stable. Bluetooth somatosensory remote control can be realized very well, and there is no need to be equipped with a receiver like 2.4G remote control. It can also reduce costs.

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