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Hua Yun: The sales model of net red with goods is not suitable for Bluetooth remote control manufacturers

Bluetooth technology is extremely popular in today's life. Mobile phone data transmission, headset connection, gamepad connection, etc., and the scenes often used in life all use Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is extremely convenient, fast, and stable. Bluetooth technology is also sought after by remote control manufacturers, including Bluetooth remote control, Bluetooth voice remote control, Bluetooth low energy remote control and so on. Often the high-end remote control is customized based on the Bluetooth remote control. Based on the standard Bluetooth protocol, the applicability of the Bluetooth remote control is extremely wide, and compatibility issues are rare. This feature is favored by manufacturers.

With the rapid development of technologies such as 5G, big data, and the Internet, online celebrity live streaming has become the hottest e-commerce sales model. Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi and other online celebrities sold goods online, and the number of viewers exceeded 30 million, and the transaction amount exceeded 1 billion. In the face of huge traffic, exposure, and transactions, more and more industries have started live streaming. Why don't Bluetooth remote control manufacturers go forward and share a slice of soup?

1. Connect with B-end customers. Customers of Bluetooth remote control manufacturers are often B-end customers, such as TV manufacturers, telecom operators, and mass production. And the net red belt products are often food and cosmetics that everyone will need, to C-end customers.

2. Customized production. What is customized production? Each component of the Bluetooth remote control has different requirements from different manufacturers, different countries, and different application manufacturers. Such as the function of each button, silk screen, color, logo, shape, raw material quality, battery, packaging, language, etc., can be customized production, and what are the consequences of customization, not universal, customized remote control may only be suitable for a certain Models, other devices may not be available. Net red belt goods are more suitable for standardized products, direct production, direct sales and direct use. Although the remote control has similar standardized remote controls such as universal remote control, standard Bluetooth remote control, etc. that can be used directly, but these are only a few, compared with custom-made ones. Huayun's custom-made remote control is about 150,000 per day, and the monthly output can reach up to 4.5 million.

3. The remote control is not a consumable item. Although every household has a remote control, the remote control can often be used for several years or more than ten years. Hua Yun has been treating each batch of goods with strict production management and quality control, high-quality raw materials, excellent quality control, so that the quality of the remote control is superior and not easy to damage.

4. the development cycle of customized products is longer. From customization to production, it takes 15-25 days. It takes about 30 days to develop a new remote control and develop molds.

Huayun remote control manufacturer, looking forward to cooperating with you.

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