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Remote control manufacturer in the epidemic

Remote control manufacturers in the epidemic

It has been more than two months since the outbreak of Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia. In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the new crown virus epidemic and employee safety, and in response to the requirements of the Guangdong Provincial Government, the Spring Festival holiday that was originally scheduled for the first eight days (February 1) was extended to February 10. After a period of preparation, after obtaining the approval of the local government, work resumed smoothly on February 10.

In order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, Hua Yun carried out a series of preparations before returning to work. 1. Inquire about prevention and control issues at the local centralized isolation place. 2. Collect the health status of employees and check all employees. 3. Set up isolation rooms. Employees from the place where the epidemic occurred are advised to stay in the original place of residence to prevent the spread of the epidemic; for employees who are about to return to work, they are required to quarantine themselves or to observe at the factory quarantine place for 14 days after arrival. And observe their health every day. 4. Conduct online health education, publicize health and disease prevention related knowledge, educate employees to do a good job of personal hygiene, and develop good habits such as washing hands frequently. 5. Launch a health campaign. Purchase infrared temperature detectors, masks, disinfectants and other items that must be used during an epidemic.

After officially resumed work. Arrange a special person to take the temperature measurement and disinfection of the workers before the morning, middle, and evening shifts. Arrange someone to disinfect and inspect different areas every day. Require employees to reduce walking and communication, wear gloves and masks, reduce going out, reduce gatherings and other activities. Disinfect the work area twice a day. Disinfect the area of the dormitory corridor once a day. Go to work and sterilize with 75% medical alcohol opponents. In the dining hall, keep tableware disinfected before and after meals; disinfect the meal place after meals. Ventilate the workshop and office. Strict inspections and records of foreign personnel.

After more than 10 days, Huayun's remote control production work went smoothly. The outbreak has improved, but we cannot relax. Hua Yun adheres to the concept of "good protection, not slackening; good work, restoring production capacity", serving new and old customers during the epidemic.

Dongguan Huayun Industrial Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production and research and development of remote control for more than 10 years. We look forward to cooperating with you sincerely.

Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.

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