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Bluetooth voice remote control with somatosensory --- Bluetooth voice air mouse remote control

  With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more entertainment devices have appeared, from traditional TVs, computers to smart TV set-top boxes and game consoles. With the rapid development of technology, the traditional infrared remote control can no longer meet the needs of technological development. Remote control, voice control, somatosensory control, etc. came into being. Voice remote control equipment, voice search and other functions. Through the somatosensory control to achieve functions such as air mouse and somatosensory games. From infrared remote control, 433 remote control to 2.4G remote control, Bluetooth remote control. Advances in technology have brought us great convenience and fun.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
  Traditional somatosensory remote controllers are all connected to 2.4G functions. The universal somatosensory remote control on the market is a 2.4g remote control. So can the Bluetooth remote control with somatosensory function be made? The answer is yes. The Bluetooth air mouse remote control requires less, so there is less circulation on the market, but the Bluetooth air mouse remote control is extremely easy to implement.
  The production of the Bluetooth air mouse remote control requires adding a gyroscope and a sensor to the traditional Bluetooth remote control. By analyzing the angular velocity data obtained by the gyroscope, the motion state of the remote control is obtained as the main data of the air mouse; by analyzing the data provided by the acceleration sensor (mainly to determine the direction of gravity acceleration), the remote control is located Attitude, thereby performing coordinate conversion on the data of the gyroscope. Thus, the remote controller can function as an air mouse. A series of somatosensory algorithms have been introduced here to ensure accurate positioning. Somatosensory algorithms are now very mature and can achieve fine movement, anti-shake, and accurate positioning. Bluetooth air mouse remote control is not weaker than 2.4G air mouse remote control, but most manufacturers are used to making 2.4G air mouse remote control. On the basis of the Bluetooth air mouse function, we can also add a voice function to make our control methods richer and more convenient.
  Dongguan Huayun Industrial Co., Ltd., focusing on the production and development of Bluetooth remote control, will definitely provide you with the most suitable Bluetooth remote control solution.  
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