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Application of Bluetooth technology in remote control ---- Huayun Bluetooth remote control manufacturer

   Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology. Embedded Bluetooth technology in computers, smart home appliances and mobile devices has brought great convenience to users. Bluetooth technology replaces the cable between the original device and the device, enabling wireless transmission between the devices, which has greatly promoted wireless mobile digital communications. Such a convenient technology was used on the remote control, and the Bluetooth remote control was born.
    The Bluetooth remote control will generate a small, low-cost network with the device, so that the Bluetooth remote control and the device (TV, set-top box, computer, etc.) can share data transmission resources and exchange data. Bluetooth technology has two advantages: 1. Once any Bluetooth technology device searches for another Bluetooth device, it can immediately establish contact without any user setup. 2. It is a globally unified Bluetooth frequency, which eliminates the "national border" obstacle and has a wide range of compatibility. These advantages make the Bluetooth remote control link matching method extremely simple. It does not need to be like an infrared remote control. A remote control can only be used on one device. It may not be used after changing the device, or it must be switched by code value. At the same time, the Bluetooth remote control has strong compatibility and can be used on different Bluetooth devices. Devices with Bluetooth technology, such as TV set-top boxes, will automatically search for an accessory Bluetooth remote control, establish a connection, and prepare for data transmission. This makes the connection and data transmission of the Bluetooth remote control extremely fast. The       Bluetooth remote control is no longer blocked by obstacles like the infrared remote control, and you can control it without intentionally pointing the remote control at a device such as a TV.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
    Bluetooth technology also makes voice remote control possible. Based on the Bluetooth audio / video remote application control mode, the Bluetooth remote control can transmit voice instructions to the TV's device for voice control.
    Huayun Industrial Co., Ltd. focuses on the production and development of Bluetooth remote control, and can provide you with the most suitable Bluetooth remote control solution.
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