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How to test the Bluetooth remote control?

  The Bluetooth remote control is more and more widely used in family life. TVs, set-top boxes, sweeping robots, etc. may be equipped with a Bluetooth remote control. The Bluetooth remote control has strong compatibility. Most devices can be used as long as they can be matched. So, how to test the quality of a new Bluetooth remote control if you buy it?
  The first is the basic appearance issue. Check the appearance of the remote control for cracks and damage to the silicone buttons.
  Then comes functional testing, which is more important.
  First detect connection issues. Under normal circumstances, the Bluetooth remote control can be connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and then press the matching key of the Bluetooth remote control. The signal of the Bluetooth remote control will be displayed on the mobile phone and can be connected. After connecting, you can do some basic operations on the phone. Taking Huayun HY-156 Bluetooth voice remote control as an example, the Bluetooth matching key is the back plus OK key. Different brands of remote control have different matching keys.
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  Then there is the problem of key functions. The key function needs to be connected to a TV or a set-top box and other equipment. Generally, the power button, home button, return button and so on are tested. If possible, the other keys are basically fine.
  Finally, there is the voice function. Some Bluetooth remotes have voice capabilities. Bluetooth has strong compatibility, and most devices can be used, but the voice function is likely to be unusable due to incompatibility. Testing the voice function requires the device itself to have a voice function. After pressing the voice key, the voice interface on the device will be called out.
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