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Remote control introduction (1)

The earliest remote control was developed and patented by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla in 1898. The earliest remote control used to control TV was developed by American electronics company Zenith, which uses light to transmit signals to four corners, and four corners control channel change, volume, on and off. The four corners correspond to four functions and can only be controlled easily.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
Since the development of the remote control has been given more and more functions, such as voice function, flying mouse function, etc., more and more convenient and easy to use. There are also a variety of different types: infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote control, 2.4g remote control, voice remote control, universal remote control and so on.
Let me introduce the universal remote control today. As the name implies, the universal remote control is a remote control that can control different TVs of different brands. How is it achieved? The universal remote control stores the code of all remote controllers into the internal chip of a remote controller. Every new brand of remote control has its code value entered and updated continuously to maintain the versatility of the universal remote control. The universal remote's code library stores tens of thousands of remote control code values ​​to ensure normal use in different TV equipment.
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