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Remote control manufacturer e-commerce logistics explain

China's cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly, and remote control manufacturers, as one of its members, have also developed very rapidly. And the cross-border logistics closely related to it is constantly improving. Now it has formed a cross-border logistics situation with three major logistics methods: delivery, self-delivery and overseas warehouse. Now, lets take a look at the remote control. The e-commerce manufacturer's logistics model in logistics.

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One generation is that the supplier sends the goods directly to the customer for the seller. Since the delivery is the seller's own direct delivery of the goods to the customer. There are two modes of self-delivery: order purchase and local warehousing. Among them, the order purchase is to generate the order, then go to the purchase, and then package it and send it to the customer. This is also the main mode adopted by many small and medium sellers. Local warehousing is the seller's opening of warehouses and stocks in their own operations to increase delivery speed. Relatively mature sellers will adopt a local warehousing mode. Overseas warehouses are third-party garages that carry goods abroad. Now, third-party overseas warehouses are very mature, and large and medium-sized sellers love the logistics model of choice.

As an e-commerce seller, an e-commerce remote control manufacturer will maximize the interests of customers and choose the most reasonable logistics mode to create more benefits for customers and for you and me.

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