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This country ushered in a small holiday, the remote control manufacturers in time to prepare for shipment

Japan’s longest May Golden Week “Ten consecutive breaks” just ended, and immediately went to Japan’s important traditional festival, the Bon Festival. In the middle of August of each year, the Bon Festival will last for four or five days. At this time, Japanese companies usually give Japanese employees a week or so of leave. What is more sour is that this year’s Bon Festival is just right. During the three-day break on August Mountain Day and the next weekend, from August 10th to August 18th, the perfect holiday will be completed for nine days. These nine days may not be able to contact the Japanese consignee, so the remote control manufacturer with the export plan should confirm the relevant matters with the port of destination customer as soon as possible, and arrange the booking and packing time reasonably.

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About the Bon Festival, it is a traditional Japanese festival, the local Mid-Autumn Festival and the Bon Festival, or the Imperial Festival. Japan was introduced to Japan from the Sui and Tang Dynasties in the era of the bird, and later combined with local folklore, it has a unique way of celebration. The festival spread to the general public during the Edo period, and later became Japan's grand festival after New Year's Day. This period became a day for Japan to travel, return home, and worship ancestors.

Because of this, every year the Bon Festival, highway traffic jams are inevitable, and various tourist attractions, hotel restaurants, etc. have become difficult to book. When the remote control manufacturer encounters this situation, it is also helpless. Therefore, the remote control production colleagues, be sure to prepare for the festival!

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