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How do remote controller manufacturers adapt to the era of cross-border e-commerce trade fragmentation?

The era of trade fragmentation in the context of cross-border e-commerce has arrived. The traditional international freight forwarding industry is undergoing profound changes in many dimensions, such as customer structure, supply direction, channel model, organization management, and IT system. This kind of trade of traditional big goods is getting less and less, and the goods of e-commerce are getting more and more. So how do you seize the opportunity of the times? Next, let's explore how the two generations will change and how remote controller manufacturers should adapt to these integrations, iterations, and innovations.

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First of all, in the era of cross-border logistics e-commerce, the overall chain has become longer, and all the logistics industries from the original goods to the port to the present need to integrate the entire chain. This facilitates the transportation of goods by remote control manufacturers, greatly improving efficiency and safety. Second, the customer base is changing. Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer direct contact customers, and many of them have become cross-into-e-commerce logistics companies. The volume of individual customers is increasing and the bargaining power of customers is getting stronger. Remote control manufacturers will further upgrade pre-sales and after-sales services in response to this kind of development direction in order to cope with the unpredictable market demand.

In the entire cross-border e-commerce logistics field, remote control manufacturers still have many opportunities today, and the reshuffle and deep integration of the entire industry has not completely ended. The future is still open!

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