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Overseas platform to enter China Merchants remote control manufacturers opportunities?

ESG Group officially launched its business in 2002. In 2014, it officially entered the Chinese mainland market. With its abundant overseas resources, it has represented overseas multi-home appliance platform to help find high-quality sellers in China. This is a favorable opportunity for the development of remote control manufacturers.

Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.

Recently, more and more overseas platforms have begun to attract investment from China. In the face of this strong overseas platform, although each country has a very good local platform, there are still in-depth cooperation with Chinese sellers. trend. The development of cross-border e-commerce in Europe and the United States has gradually matured. The major mainstream platforms have done a lot of publicity work, but the high popularity does not mean that it is the biggest. For example, Lotte Group has a turnover that is not inferior.

Huayun remote control manufacturer as a manufacturer with deep experience, facing the investment of this overseas platform, of course, is head-on, in the new development of the e-commerce field, remote control manufacturers, Huayun, of course Will be very supportive.



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