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How far is artificial intelligence? Smart voice remote control is in front of you, you don't know

As our digital life enters the intelligent age, intelligent voice has become the most basic function. The level of artificial voice technology plays a key role in the experience of digital products.

As early as 2015, the first smart TV was released. The smart remote control has a powerful voice service platform that is powerful, responsive, and grounded. Provide an immersive entertainment experience for a new generation of Chinese families through intelligent terminals and services.

Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.

The voice remote control continues to develop, and the threshold of user experience technology continues to improve. Many high-end products of Internet brands are equipped with intelligent voice functions. In order to adapt to Chinese characteristics, the voice remote control can recognize Mandarin, and can also recognize multiple languages such as Sichuan dialect and Cantonese dialect. In addition, it also provides basic functions such as content search, broadcast control commands, and weather query. You can also open third-party applications, check stocks, set alarm clocks, voice barrage, voice chat, etc. through the voice remote control, and even interact with ancient poems and jokes. These features make it easy for the elderly and children who have difficulty operating complex smart devices.

In order to meet the needs of the contemporary voice remote control, Huayun Customized Factory has carried out a series of voice remote controllers, integrating various resources and providing convenience for many families, adhering to the spirit of “pursuing the ultimate uncompromising” spirit and ingenuity. , showing a strong development momentum.

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