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Appearance performance requirements of air conditioner remote control

The air conditioner remote control is specially designed according to the variety of air conditioners and the remote control damage is difficult to match. It integrates the main functions of the remote control and has nearly 50 kinds of famous brands in one. It adopts imported chip design, stable performance, and large screen LCD display, which is easy to operate at a glance.

Appearance performance mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) The appearance of the air conditioner remote control shall not be scratched, stained, cracked, burred, mildew, peeling of the plating coating and loose structure.

(2) The battery cover cannot fall off, and the battery spring cannot rust.

(3) The LCD screen must not have cracks or black spots.

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(4) The pencil hardness of the surface of the air conditioner remote control is not less than 2H, and there should be no obvious scratches.

(5) The surface characters, logos and finishing parts of the remote control should be clearly identifiable. Press the transparent tape on the above parts, and add a force perpendicular to the surface of the remote control by hand, then quickly pull the tape down, characters, signs and finishes. The part must not fall off.

(6) The surface of the remote control is resistant to 60 °C warm water, salt water, absolute ethanol, edible oil, etc. The above items are dripped on the surface of the remote control. After drying with a soft cloth, the surface hardness and appearance of the remote control should not be abnormal. And the finishing parts should be clearly identifiable.

(7) The key load life of the remote control is not less than 100,000 times, and is released after applying 10N force to the left, right, front and rear sides of the button. The button should be completely reset, and there is no card key.

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