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What are the characteristics of Bluetooth and wireless 2.4g remote control?


Bluetooth remote control: For Bluetooth, we will think of its products such as Bluetooth headset, mobile phone, computer, and the mouse and keyboard part of the computer also have Bluetooth transmission, but it is relatively rare to use it on household appliances.


The advantage of the Bluetooth remote control is to achieve a completely independent signal transmission channel by pairing with the TV, thereby avoiding interference between wireless signals of different devices. And because the Bluetooth signal transmission is very good, we don't have to worry about the transmitted signal being acquired by others. As a complement to 2.4GHz technology, Bluetooth remote control is also a trend.


 For now, the Bluetooth remote control also has some problems. For example, when the first time you use it, you need to manually pair the remote control with the device, the device operation delay is high, and the cost is high. These are the problems that Bluetooth needs to solve.


What are the characteristics of Bluetooth and wireless 2.4g remote control


Wireless 2.4g remote control: Wireless 2.4g remote control is gradually popularized in TV remote control. This remote control signal transmission method successfully solves the drawbacks of the infrared remote control, and can remotely control the TV at various angles in the house. This type of remote control is used in current mainstream wireless mice, wireless keyboards, and wireless gamepads.


 Compared to the traditional infrared remote control, the wireless 2.4g remote control gets rid of the problem of directivity. We can use the remote control to operate the device anywhere in the house and at any angle without worrying about the device not receiving the signal. This is definitely a boon for remote controls with empty mouse operations. In addition, the 2.4 GHz signal transmission bandwidth is larger, which allows the remote control to perform more complicated operations, such as voice and body operation, which makes the remote control experience even better.


However, the wireless 2.4g remote control is not perfect. Since the WiFi signal we use is also in the 2.4GHz band, in the case of many devices, the 2.4GHz device sometimes interferes with WiFi, thus reducing the remote operation. Precision. However, this situation will only occur in a very extreme environment, and the average user does not have to worry too much.

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