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Huayun: Explain the use of 2.4G wireless technology on the remote control


When you see the term 2.4G, you are not confused by the new physical vocabulary. Today, Hua yun has evolved into a physics teacher, and has spread some physics concepts about "bands". The so-called "band", which is a term about communication and sound science. In the field of communication, 2.4GHZ is one of the working frequency bands. The 2.4GHz ISM is a universally used wireless frequency band. Therefore, this 2.4G unlimited technology is open source and can be widely used in various home and commercial fields. The 2.4G remote control was born in this technical background.


The 2.4G remote control works in full-duplex mode transmission, intelligently adopts adaptive frequency hopping technology, the transmission distance can reach 10 meters or even longer, and it has the superior anti-interference ability, common electronic interference and Can not interrupt its working status. And in the efficiency of data transmission, the number of Bluetooth is doubled. Because the 2.4G remote control data transmission can reach 2Mbps, while Bluetooth is only 1Mbps. This makes the 2.4G remote control a reliable technology, especially at the application layer. At the same time, the 2.4G remote control has the characteristics of infrared remote control, which is low cost and low power consumption. The most important thing is that the development cost of the 2.4G private agreement is relatively low, and the protocol cost at the patent level can save a lot of costs. Therefore, there is a place to fight in the market.


Huayun: Explain the use of 2.4G wireless technology on the remote control


Huayun Industrial has been committed to the upgrading of the remote control industry, always following the pace, and sincerely provide the best quality 2.4G remote control product experience to the majority of users. As a remote control manufacturer, Huayun is worthy of business with you. A win-win partner for cooperation.

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