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What is execution? The core is "10 no"!---Huayun remote control manufacturer

Wal-Mart Chairman Robertson Walton said: "Wal-Mart can achieve today's achievements, and execution has played an invaluable role. If you want to be a good CEO, or you want to turn your company's challenging goals into Reality must rely on execution."


Bill Gates, the world's richest man, is also very concerned about the execution of Microsoft. He said: "The biggest challenge we face in the next decade is implementation." It can be seen that execution is not only a huge challenge for enterprises but also one of the competitive strategies for the survival of enterprises. So, how to create a wolf-executive culture and improve the execution of the organization?


One: arranging tasks - no doubt. To build effective execution, leaders must be tougher. The task is the order, and there must be no discussion or doubt. Any opinions can be retained, but the implementation cannot be vague. Doubt is the challenge of disguise. Once you get into the habit, making a ban is empty talk.


Second: face the task - not afraid of difficulties. If things are not done yet, there will be fears and difficulties, even if it is a small matter of raising your hand. The difficulty is not a question of ability, but an attitude. Cowardly, fearful, and hesitant, these are negative emotions that directly reflect one's attitude toward the task. No attitude, no strength 


Three: accept the task - no conditions. Alibaba Group CPO Peng Lei said: "No matter what Ma Yun's decision is, I have only one task - to help this decision become the most correct decision." Accepting the task, having the conditions to complete, and the conditions to create the condition without completion, is called execution.


Four: Analyze the task - not to talk about the objective. Liu Qiangdong organized executives to meet and study the strategy. An executive talked about a lot of objective reasons, the implication: this decision is not reliable. Liu Qiangdong said: "I invite you to study how to accomplish it, not to analyze how it can't be done."


Five: Perform the task - no discount. The discount is like the error of the product, and each process deviates a little bit.


The last thing that came out was a waste! Execution, there should never be an idea of ​​"almost", "can be", "will be on the spot", and there must be no "passing through" mentality. One is one, the second is two, and it is strictly said to be "one-two."


Six: Cooperate with the task - spare no effort. Teams are not gangs, they have to work together. During the execution of the task,

Can not do without cooperation. Without a good "fit", the machine will not be installed. If there is no cooperation between the teams, it will be costly and the execution will not be discussed. Only by spare no effort can we execute without doing anything!


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Seven: Communication tasks - no reason. Frustration is inevitable during the implementation process. In the face of frustration, determine the height of a person's career. When seeking support from superiors, it is necessary to bring methods to communicate, rather than reporting them with reasons. Method, representing execution; reason, means incompetence.


Eight: End the mission - no dead ends. After the task is completed, you must check it carefully: Did you achieve the goal? Have you ignored the details? Can you meet the leadership expectations? The criteria for efficient implementation are no loopholes, no dead ends, no exceptions, no success. Modify perfect or push to return = execute as 0


Nine: Review the task - do not push the responsibility. The bad completion of the mission is not terrible. The terrible thing is the lack of understanding, responsibility, and responsibility. Execution is like a healthy body, and shirking responsibility is to erode healthy cancer cells. I don’t know the mistakes, I don’t dare to take responsibility, and the mistakes can never be eliminated.


Ten: Reporting tasks - not invited. When the war is down, the subordinates will immediately signal or report to the superiors after completing the deployment according to the operational plan, in order to lead the battlefield decision. Enterprises also need this spirit and report immediately after completing the task. Don't wait for the leader to ask questions. When the leader asks, he is already expressing dissatisfaction.


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