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    With the rapid development of communication and network technology, people are not satisfied with the traditional infrared remote control. People's pursuit of convenience has brought new opportunities for the development of traditional control technology. With its advantages of security, low cost and low power consumption, Bluetooth has been widely used, and products based on Bluetooth technology are constantly being introduced to the market. The remote control follows its pace in the use of new things. The most innovative Bluetooth remote control has become the esteem of many young users. In fact, we can turn into another perspective (environmental perspective), the low-power technology of the Bluetooth remote control is very worthy of the market and consumers.
    Most of the low-power Bluetooth uses 3 broadcast channels. The radio turn-on time of each broadcast channel is only 4 seconds. This can replace deep sleep with deep sleep. Don't underestimate the conversion of this idle state. This minimizes standby power consumption, the host is running at a lower load for a long time, and consumes fewer resources, making the Bluetooth remote control achieve low power consumption.
    In addition, the low power consumption of the Bluetooth remote control means that the battery used as the power supply unit can use a longer battery life. Generally, the battery life of the ordinary TV remote control is generally two years, and now the low power consumption of the Bluetooth remote control is used. The battery can last for more than 3 years and is a very big improvement.
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    We can calculate the account from the environmental point of view, the general family has at least three remote controls for air conditioning, TV, set-top box remote control. If there are 300 million households in the country, a total of 900 million discarded batteries will be discarded by the remote control every year. At present, the recycling process of used batteries in China is not perfect. Most of the waste batteries are directly mixed with domestic garbage. Except for some domestic garbage, the method of incineration is mostly handled by direct landfill. When the metal casing of the battery is corroded by the soil, the heavy metals contained in it, such as mercury, lead, nickel, and cadmium, will seriously pollute the soil, and the scouring of rainwater will cause these heavy metals to be carried into the groundwater. After being absorbed by algae or crops, it will enter the animal body and eventually be ingested by our humans as food, causing heavy metal deposition and even poisoning.
    As a manufacturer of Bluetooth remote control, Huaying is highly acclaimed for the popularity of Bluetooth remote control. We should vigorously promote the convenient and green Bluetooth remote control technology, improve the living environment through the low power consumption of the Bluetooth remote control, and work hard for the environmental protection cause. From the perspective of environmental protection, the low power consumption of the Bluetooth remote control is worthy of favor!
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