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How to choose Bluetooth remote control spring material

    Spring is a mechanical part that works with elasticity. A part made of an elastic material is deformed by an external force and is restored to its original state after the external force is removed. It is usually made of spring steel. The spring is also an extremely important part of the Bluetooth remote control. After the Bluetooth remote control is mounted on the battery, it is powered by a spring to the internal electronics to maintain the normal operation of the remote control. The quality of the spring directly affects the life of the Bluetooth remote control. How to choose the spring material of a Bluetooth remote control.
    The selection of the spring material of the Bluetooth remote control should be determined according to the nature of the spring receiving load, the stress condition, the stress size, the operating temperature, the environmental medium, the service life, the requirements for electrical conductivity, the function of the process, and the price.
    When determining the shape and standard of the data, it should be selected with reference to the national standard rules to prevent the selection of non-standard series of materials.
    The data section of the coil spring, the circular section is the best choice. The rectangular cross-section material has good impact resistance and can make the spring miniaturized, but the material source is small and the cost is high. In addition to special requirements, the spring of such cross section is generally not used. In recent years, the development of round steel wire flattening instead of trapezoidal steel wire has achieved good results in the application of remote control springs.
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    Medium and small springs, especially spiral tension springs, should be preferentially treated with strengthened steel wire, lead bath isothermal cold drawn steel wire and oil quenched tempered steel wire, with high strength and superb surface quality, good processability and stable quality.
    After the carbon spring steel wire and the piano wire are cold drawn, the residual stress is large. After the spring is processed, there is large residual stress. After the tempering, the standard changes are large, and it is difficult to control the standard precision. The oil quenching and tempering steel wire are prepared by strengthening and tempering the steel wire after the steel wire is drawn to the regular standard. Basically, no residual stress exists, and the molded spring is tempered at a low temperature, the standard modification is small, and the heat resistance is better than the cold drawing. Strengthen the steel wire.
    For large and medium-sized springs, cold-drawn or cold-drawn polished steel should be used for high load accuracy and stress.
     The Bluetooth remote control spring material that operates at high temperatures requires the spring to have good thermal stability.


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