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Smart remote control: different eras,different intelligences

    The rise of smart homes has brought us into the era of intelligence. The so-called intelligence is more convenient and humanized. The concept of intelligence is also different in different periods. In the period of reform and opening up, a black-and-white TV set and a BB machine can be described as smart. Today, smart is mobile payment, fully automatic hood, and so on. Let's talk about it so wide today; let's talk about the smart remote.
    Let's first divide the development of the smart remote control into four stages: the germination stage, the primary stage, the development stage, and the mature stage.
    The wave of intelligence is continuously surging, the industry is rising, and the remote control industry has also shouted their banners. Among them, “remote control is no worry” is one of the products, a remote control controls a variety of devices, but this is actually only a multifunctional Learning remote control, there is still a distance from intelligence, this is the budding stage of intelligent remote control, is the stage of continuous exploration.
    In the initial stage of the intelligent remote control, under certain conditions, the hardware and the needs have the relative survival and development, the remote control will enter a preliminary stage, in which the various electronic products in the home can be carried out through the central home processor. Management, in addition to opening and monitoring daily electronic products, it can also be remotely controlled. This is an initial stage of the intelligent remote control.
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    In the development stage of the intelligent remote control, after the technology enters the initial phase of smart remote control, the remote control industry comes a stage of development, which introduces various types of remote controls and data collection, such as home security, human health, housekeeping intelligence, animal information. Acquisition and so on are the integration of intelligent remote control and social daily life arrangement, detection, data collection, and other functions. The development speed of this stage will gradually slow down.
    Finally, the remote control has reached a mature stage. At this stage, new technologies and new electronic products are continuously introduced. Slowly, because of the large number of products, human beings feel that they do not have the convenience they want, so they need a smarter remote control. That is Thinking remote control, a highly intelligent remote control method; the central processor collects human brainwaves to realize the combination of brain waves and remote control technology. Under such technology, the smart remote control is considered to be a mature stage.
    Of course, the above are just some ideas, different eras of different intelligence. The smart remote is an evolving process that is continuously being redefined in life.
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