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The secret of the set-top box remote

     In our daily lives, many large and small appliances can be controlled by remote control. Using these remote controls to operate these appliances is not only simple but also avoids some of the problems that may arise during operation. The set-top box is also a commonly used device when watching TV. Usually, the set-top box will also be equipped with remote control. What should I do if the set-top box remote control is broken? Huayun Industrial provides you with the most simple treatment methods.
    The set-top box remote control that has been used for a long time often shows that the button does not respond. At this time, it is not possible to change the station (channel) or adjust the sound. Anyway, no matter what order you send it, it does not respond, or occasionally give you a response. . Especially the up and down buttons of the channel will appear this phenomenon, which makes people feel annoyed.
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    If the top box remote control is broken, you can check the repair in the following order. The first is to check if the remote control has electricity. If it is because there is no electricity, it is straightforward to change a pair of batteries. Then look at the infrared response. If not, see if there is something hidden. Live in the infrared emitting device; if the remote control is wet, remove the battery, blow it dry with a hairdryer, and then try again. These simple methods can solve some problems, but if you still can't, consider going to the appliance to repair it, or repurchase one. In the process of watching TV, don't let the remote control fall often or not easily.
    There is another reason why the set-top box remote control does not work because the conductive layer of the button is gradually worn out for a long time. Open the remote control shell, and you can see that the buttons that are exposed outside the remote control housing are a soft plastic piece that is joined together behind the outer casing. The back of each button is a small pit with a hollow core. This is to make the button play a resilience, and the center of the concave core pit has a small round black cap with a small tablet shape. This is the conductive layer. It contacts the board when the button is pressed, causing the line to be turned on through the conductive layer to form a switch. Long-term button wear will cause the conductive layer to be exhausted, and the contact resistance between the board and the board will become larger and larger, and the function of the conduction switch will be lost.
    Hey, this is the secret of the set-top box remote control. I still don't tell him the average person!
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