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Throw away the mouse and keyboard! Feel the fun of the 2.4G wireless flying squirrel remote control

Sitting in front of the TV, wanting to play games on TV, and preparing various game controllers, is it very troublesome? If the remote control can be used as a mouse and keyboard! Is the remote control used as a mouse and a keyboard? Yes, you are not mistaken, no mistakes, 2.4G wireless flying squirrel remote control makes imagination become a reality.
With the popularity and segmentation of home computers, HTPCs, which are mainly used for high-definition multimedia entertainment, continue to enter the family living room, but the peripherals of the living room computer, the mouse and keyboard, are incompatible with the living room. The wireless flying squirrel just solved this problem.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
The wireless flying squirrel adopts the humanized engineering design of home appliances, which is exquisite and easy to use and integrates with the large-screen LCD TV and sound in the living room. A young and old, easy to learn and use. It is different from the dehumanization of the mouse. When the user is using it, it can be held like a TV remote control without worrying about the “mouse hand.”
In terms of technology, the 2.4G wireless flying squirrel is a somatosensory control technology. It is different from the previous mouse and keyboard and traditional remote control computer mode. Users can realize the mouse pointer in any direction on the computer screen by just holding the G3 movement. Move with precision. Users can implement functions similar to the left and right mouse buttons at the touch of a button.
The wireless flying squirrel adopts 2.4G wireless technology, and the signal receiving the response is rapid. The user can move freely with the remote control, and the control can still be realized at 25 meters so that the elderly and children at home can completely bid farewell to the electronic radiation brought by the computer and the television.
In terms of functions, the wireless flying squirrel remote control should respond to various application buttons in the living room high-definition multimedia applications, such as “volume control, fast forward, fast rewind, pause, play.” Moreover, G3 is also designed with functional buttons such as the closing window, rewinding, one-button shutdown and simulating left and right mouse buttons. The small remote control has excellent functions.
With the wireless flying squirrel remote control, you can enjoy the high-definition multimedia entertainment in the living room without having to spend extra money to purchase other somatosensory gaming devices. Enjoy free somatosensory games, healthy and fun!
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