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Efficient custom Bluetooth remote control

      Today, remote control technology is becoming more mature and has a wide range of applications. Colleagues in our customer service positions often encounter customers who come to consult custom-made products. Most of the customers, because they are not professionals, can't describe the products they need. Today, Huayun Industrial will tell you a few points, so that we can communicate with suppliers more efficiently in the future.
     Customized Bluetooth remote control, customers need to provide code values ​​or samples to allow manufacturers to customize the function according to the sample. If the client does not have the code value, parameters, and samples, etc., you can describe the information you know to the manufacturer and match the product with the project.
      After that, the Bluetooth remote control design and code value parameters can be determined to produce a remote control for basic remote control functions. Of course, there may be other details. Such as the appearance contains styles and button layout design, Huayun Industrial mainly produces Bluetooth remote control and infrared remote control, from a few buttons to dozens of buttons that have corresponding mold custom processing. If you can choose the existing mold better, do not re-open the mold, the price is relatively cheap, the production cycle is shorter.
      The code value is the signal code sent by the infrared remote control. It is an important part of the realization function. The new product needs the development engineer to match the remote control. We can provide the data or sample to the development engineering matching product, or the code value or sample can be provided by the customer. Produced according to the sample.
 Other details are also diversified, different requirements are not the same cost, material requirements, ordinary or environmentally friendly, glossy or matte, silk screen color can also be customized.
      Communication is the art of the door, whether it is in daily life or at work, it is particularly important.
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