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No mouse or keyboard!2.4g wireless flying mouse remote control makes the whole family happy

   Sitting in front of the TV, if you want to play games on the TV, it is really trouble to prepare a variety of game controllers. If only a remote control could be used as a mouse and keyboard!Remote control for mouse and keyboard?Yes, you read it right, and you heard it right, the 2.4g wireless air mouse remote control makes your imagination come true. 

  As the popularity and subdivide of family computer, the HTPC that is main application with high definition multimedia entertainment enters domestic sitting room ceaselessly, but the peripherals that consumer controls sitting room computer -- mouse keyboard, apparent with sitting room misfits.The wireless air mouse solves this problem.

Wireless air mouse uses the Human Engineering Design of home electrification, delicate and easy to use, and the living room in the large screen LCD TV, audio integration.All are easy to learn and use.It is different from the mouse of the dehumanization, when the user uses, the same as the television remote control can be held lightly, do not have to worry about the "mouse hand".

  In terms of technology, 2.4g wireless air mouse remote control applies the somatosensory control technology, which is different from the previous mouse keyboard and traditional remote control mode to control the computer. Users only need to gently hold the G3 to move, and then the mouse pointer can move in any direction on the computer screen accurately.Users only need to touch the button to achieve a similar function of mouse right and left button.Wireless air mouse uses 2.4g wireless technology, the signal receiving response is rapid, the user can take the remote control to move at liberty, 25 meters away still can realize the control, let the old people and children in the home say goodbye to the electronic radiation brought by the computer, television completely.

  In terms of functions, the wireless air mouse remote control should be designed for all kinds of application buttons in the hd multimedia application of the living room, including "volume control, fast forward, fast back, pause and play".And G3 still has the design to close a window, fall back, one key shuts down and imitate the practical key such as mouse left and right keys, small remote control has big function.

  With the wireless air mouse remote control, there is no need to spend extra money to buy other motion sensing game equipment can be a happy family enjoy the living room hd multimedia entertainment, free play motion sensing games, healthy and happy!


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