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Black tech hits, Bluetooth voice remote control.

If there is a remote control, whether channel search, film search or play control, as long as you say, it can automatically do.  Do you want to have it?Attention!New black tech is here!

With the appearance of voice remote control, users only need to hold on the voice key, then say the program that you want to watch. It will quickly recognize it and search it. With one key, the whole voice control system can be reached, which is easy to operate and can be used by the old and children.

Have you ever encountered too many channels, can not remember the channel number, and using up and down, left and right channel switching is difficult. The appearance of the voice remote control allows users to press the voice button, say the specific name to the remote control, then TV will automatically search and play it.Compared with the previous numerous button remote control, intelligent voice TV remote control appears very simple, only the power button, channel, volume, return, home button, voice input these keys.

The title is too long, too much advertising, it is too much trouble to manually adjust the progress bar by yourself! The voice remote control allows you to speak commands by pressing and holding the voice button. You can do things like fast forward, fast backward, pause, and adjust sound level.

Voice remote control need use voice to control, dose that mean you cant control it without a standard voice? Don,t worry, it can identify dialects!

Now, as the quality of life improves, so dose the demand. Remote control engineers also had to respond to market demands.The design of the voice remote control appearance is simple, matte texture. Perfect for all standard set-top boxes with android4.0 or above.

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