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HuaYun industry tells you the five factors that affect the distance of the remote control

HuaYun industry tells you the five factors that affect the distance of the remote control

In the process of daily use of remote control, have you found that different types of remote control the control distance is different?For example, the infrared remote control, when you use it to control the set-top box, you only close to the receiver of the set-top box, the set-top box will receive the commands from the remote control;With the bluetooth remote, you can send commands to any corner of the room, and the set-top box can receive them.So what makes these remote controls different in control distance?Here are some of our products to help you To understand it. The factors affecting the remote control distance of the remote control mainly include the following five factors:

1. Transmitting power: large transmitting power with long distance;Otherwise, they are close.However, when the transmitting power is large, it consumes a lot of power and is prone to interference.

2, receiver sensitivity: The more sensitive, The farther the distance,but easy to be interfered with false or out of control;

3, antenna: linear antenna, and parallel to each other, remote control distance long, but occupy a large space, in the use of the antenna to lengthen, straighten can increase the remote control distance;

4. Height: the higher the antenna is, the farther the remote control distance is, but it is subject to objective conditions;

5, block: currently used in wireless remote control using the UHF frequency bands stipulated by the state, its propagation characteristics and light approximation, linear propagation, diffraction is small, if there is a wall block between transmitters and receivers will be greatly discounted remote control distance, if it is reinforced concrete walls, due to the effect of absorption of the conductor to the waves, is even more impact.

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