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HuaYun: quality is the base of bluetooth remote control manufacturer

Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita once said, "as long as things are good, we can attract people's money."


Products durable, safe and reliable, good quality, popular, there will be a market, this is the bluetooth remote control in the market the best advertising. With good advertising comes orders, and the enterprises will be able to keep alive.For the judgment of bluetooth remote control quality, the public's judgment is general and simple, and the country also has the corresponding acceptance, testing standards, and whether the enterprise has a foothold, strengthen the quality consciousness, is the first requirement of the enterprise to the staff, but also the key to the construction of bluetooth remote control manufacturers brand.



Once, HuaYun writer in reading when I heard a story called "Yu Fu selling fake paint story," this story is a warning for the manufacturers.Yueren Yufu wants to be a rich man. He asks a man named Ji Ran for advice on how to make a fortune.Three years later, the wood has become a tree, cut paint 100 dendrobium, it is ready to go to the state of Wu to sell.Brother in law offers advice, the ointment that becomes with lacquer leaf boil is mixed in lacquer when deliver goods, can the eye of fish mixes bead, increase the quantity of lacquer. Yu Fu does what he says.At that time, Wu and Yue had a bad relationship. The Yue merchants could not enter.When the middleman of the state of Wu heard that Yu Fu had lacquer, he happily went to the outskirts to meet him and saw that yu fu's lacquer was of good quality.Agree to exchange gold COINS for paint within a short period of time.Yu fu was overjoyed. At that night, Yu Fu thought there was an opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity.The second day, the person that buys lacquer sees paint bucket place to Yu Fu to have the trace that had moved newly, produce doubt, excuse lacquer money has not make up for, the decision comes again another day.Time passes day by day, the person that buys lacquer also did not come, yu fu is false lacquer deteriorates, make good lacquer together bad.Yu fu lost all his money, became a beggar and was laughed at.We, the bluetooth remote control manufacturers, do not just look like the appearance of the general majestic beast, but also a single quality problem may lead us as a building capsize, can not be prevented.


From Yu Fu selling paint to become a rich man to become a beggar in the whole process, we can get such a truth: at all times and in all countries, regardless of industry, business or service industry, where ignore or take the quality as a joke will die, to ensure the quality will success.As the emerging leading industry of remote control industry, bluetooth remote control manufacturer must take this truth seriously.


When developing and producing bluetooth remote control, we pay attention to the actual situation of market demand to determine the quality level of products.The marginal benefit of quality is also investigated.With the best quality to receive the test of the market, get the favor of consumers.Put an end to know false, ensure quality, is the work of remote control manufacturers based on the survival and development of this.


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