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Bluetooth remote control manufacturer Danxia mountain Day Tour

Bluetooth remote control manufacturer Danxia mountain Day Tour

Near the end of the year,Huayun Industrials annual business summary meeting will be held annual business summary meeting will be held soon.The meeting was held in Shaoguan,the largest prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province,When you arrive at Shaoguan,you will naturally have to travel to Danxia Mountain,which is famous for its Danxia landform.

At 8:00on the morning of December 22,2018,the participants set off from the company and drove for nearly four hours to reach their destination.After lunch,we followed the tour guide to the long-awaited Danxia Mountain,which is made up of many mountain groups.We first went to Jinjiang and took a boat on the river.We can see all kinds of strange mountains and stones,some hats to Jigong,some like elephants,and so on.Come here,you have to admire the gods who praise nature.

After that,we climbed the Elder Peak and climbed the Elder Peak.Unless you take the cable car,you will have to go to the first level stone steps.The stone steps are artificially cut out one by one.The steep places can be grounded.90 degress.Dont patronize your feet,look up and look at the distance,you will be deeply impressed by the scenery of nature,it really is the phrase infinite scenery in the dangerous peaks!

Almost halfway up the mountain,you can see two mountains that are very close together.There is a narrow road between them,just like the traces left by Pangu.Looking up,I can only see a white line from among them,so I named it a line of days.

For reasons of time,we have selected several major attractions.Although it is still unfinished,we still have to thank our company,Huayun Industrial,for giving us an opportunity to re-recognize nature and know ourselves.Mountain climbing is an activity that tests the willpower and allows us to re-examine ourselves.As a practitioner of the Bluetooth remote control,we can understand that the road ahead is long.Only when we go to a distant place and go to a high place,we can see higher and farther scenery.



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