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Do you really understand the Bluetooth voice remote?

Do you really understand the Bluetooth voice remote?

When the Smartphone was first launched, there was a sentence that I didn't know if you heard about it. A said: "Now technology is developing so fast, and maybe one day TV has touch function." And B who stood next to A said: "Are you kidding me?Why dont you  use remote control instead of your fingers?" In today's smart home, a role of one thing has been underestimated. It is the TV remote control.

The Bluetooth voice remote control on the market now is more and more concise, but it has a lot of hidden features that you don't  know necessarily! Now Huayun Industrial will teach you how to use the Bluetooth voice remote control, which can make remote control easier and faster to use.

Huayun Industrial will takes a 12-key Bluetooth voice remote control which is common on the market as an example to introduce the button settings and corresponding functions.

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The Bluetooth voice remote has a total of 12 buttons, including power key, voice, direction, OK, home, back, menu, and volume key.

Power key: Short press to turn on/off the TV; long press to select different states such as hibernation and restart.

Voice key: Press and hold to search for movies, control smart devices by voice.

Home key: Short press to quickly return to the desktop.

Back key: Go back to the previous level.

Direction keys: Control the focus to move up, down, left, and right. In the playback interface, the left and right buttons are the back and fast forward functions respectively.

OK: Confirm the current focus, and pause/play the current video on the video interface.

Menu key: display more functions under the current interface, such as: home page, child mode, search interface, screen mode, etc.; in the play interface, display related video settings, including definition, aspect ratio, etc.

You may know all of these shallow features, so the next big move will allow you to easily call out frequently used functions, which is super convenient. Please look down.

1. Home key + menu key: Press and hold the home key and menu key at the same time, keep the remote control and the TV within 20cm, wait for the “bleep” sound, and display the Bluetooth remote control pairing successfully after the connection is successful. The Bluetooth remote control can control the box.

2. Double-click the home key: After double-clicking the home key, you can display the application that has been opened in the background, and press the up button to close the application. In addition to this, you can also implement screen capture and screen recording functions, which can be shared with other small partners via WeChat.

3. Press and hold the OK key :Can be used to set or delete the app. Placed your favorite apps at the top makes it easier to find.

4. Homepage Press the up button: Quickly recall frequently used functions such as storage device, weather, date, reminder, settings.

Have you learned the hidden skills of the Bluetooth voice remote?

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