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Five factors affecting the price of the remote control

Five factors affecting the price of the remote control

There are a variety of remote controls stacked in the house,and it is not easy to sort them out.In case of damage or re-purchase,you will find a remote control with similar appearance.Some can be 9.9 RMB,some sell 20RMB or more,which makes people more headaches.What exactly caused the price difference of the remote control to be so great?With this problem,Huayun Industrial will give you an analysis of the root causes of the price difference of remote controls.

1. IC chip

There are two main types of home remote control transfer processes:package PCBA production(commonly known as package IC) and bonding PCBA production (commonly known as bonding IC).Because the package IC is superior to the bonding IC in terms of distance,interference immunity,current consumption,performance and stability,the bonding IC is cheaper than the package IC.

2. Sell material

There are three main types of housing materials for the remote control:ABS,PVC and HIPS.Of course,there are still some metal and glass casings,so there is not much to explain here.In terms of temperature,odor,pollution,etc.,ABSis the best,followed by PVC,and HIPS is the worst.The price is naturally proportional to the quality.

3. Conductive silica gel

According to the size of the conductive silica gel process,coloring and other factors such as silk screen,cloak,fuel injection and other processes determine the price of conductive silicone.The more the process,the higher the price.

4. Small posts

Small posts are posts used to introduce products that indicate quality or brand and process.It is usually attached to the back of the remote control.The number of posts affects labor costs,and naturally has an impact on prices.The more posts,the higher the price.

5. Widgets

A widget is not a single part,It has multiple parts,such as boards,components,silk screens,displays,and other special features.The higher the general quantity,the more expensive the price.

The above five factors are the root causes of the price difference of the remote control.We all know that price and quality are directly proportional,and the remote control industry is no exception.

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