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Here are a few ways to tell you what's wrong with the remote control

If the remote controller is used for a long time, it will fail. The general principle is that if the power supply of the remote controller is normal, only a button is not responding. That is, only the key is faulty, then the remote-control key shell can be removed, and the cotton can be cleaned by using the cotton swab to clean the circuit board with absolute alcohol. There is no response to any one of the keys. Most of them are due to the damage of the crystal oscillator or the decoupling capacitance of the power source. The following methods are recommended to detect the remote controller with problems.


Method 1: using a medium wave radio to detect the remote control to close the normal remote control window to the working radio. When any key is pressed, the sound of a "beep" is sent out. However, one point is that when the infrared emitting diodes inside the remote control are able to break through or lose infrared emission, and the internal oscillating circuits are still working, using a medium wave radio to detect the remote control will still make a "beep" sound. The accuracy of this method is not high.


Method 2: the remote controller has its own red light emitting tube, and some remote controls have its own red light tube, which can be judged by it. When the button is pressed, the red light emitting tube flashes. It indicates that this key information has been issued. This method is not 100% accurate, and the above phenomenon is also sufficient when the transmitting tube is defective.


Method 3: use the mouse to detect the remote controller. Now the computer is using the photoelectric mouse. When the computer is working normally, the cursor of its mouse is moved to the middle of the screen. Then the bottom of the mouse goes up, and the red light changes from dark to bright. When the normal remote control launch window is red on the bottom of the mouse, press any key. The red light of the bottom of the mouse will increase the brightness. When the remote control is slightly sway, the cursor in the display screen will also follow the remote controller to shake, indicating that the remote control is working normally. This method is highly accurate but inconvenient.


Method 4: using the infrared receiving diode to detect the remote control directly with the infrared receiver to detect the remote control, and to observe the change of the pointer or the digital multimeter resistance to observe the change of the number by means of the pointer type multimeter. First, the pointer type multimeter is placed in the R * 1K block (MF47 type as an example). The red surface pen receives the positive pole of the diode, and the black pen receives the negative electrode of the diode. At this time, the pointer table will have a certain value. The remote control transmitter window is aligned with the infrared receiving diode, and the distance between them is about LCM. Press any button if the remote control is normal. The pointer is deflected and has jitter (the resistance is around 70 K omega). It shows that the remote controller can emit an infrared pulse.


If a digital multimeter is used, the meter is set to R * 2K block, the red watch pen is connected with the negative pole of the infrared receiving diode, and the black pen is connected with the positive pole of the infrared receiving diode. At this point. The pointer meter or the digital table will have a certain value. Use the remote control launch window to target the infrared receiving diode. Press any button, if the resistance will change (increase in resistance), this indicates that the remote control is working normally. This method is simple and intuitionistic.  The accuracy is high. But it's more troublesome.

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Method 5: borrow pointer multimeter to detect remote controller, first open the remote control case. The multimeter is placed on both ends of the infrared transmitting tube on the DC1V block direct measuring circuit board. The red pen is connected to the cathode of the infrared emitting tube. The black pen is connected to the negative electrode of the infrared emitting tube. When pressing any key, if the pointer is deflected and jitter, it indicates that the circuit can start vibration, and the remote controller works normally. But it is impossible to judge whether the infrared emitting diode inside the remote control is good.  But the remote-control shell needs to be opened.


Method 6: using the mobile phone to detect the remote control with a camera with the function of the mobile phone, in the picture state, the mobile phone is aimed at the remote control window (the best distance about 200mm). Then Press each button on the remote. At this point, on the phone screen, the naked eye can see the light emitted from the remote control (launcher) tube (the light is the naked eye that is invisible to the naked eye). It's like a small hand, like a small hand. If the remote control is detected when the ambient light is dim, the effect is more obvious. This method is simple, direct, reliable and accurate.


These methods are introduced above. It is suitable for testing various kinds of remote controls. Friends who are interested in it may wish to have a try. Things like method 2, method 3, and method 6 are basically simpler than those that are simple and do not require any professional tools


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