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Voice remote control help you to control smart devices with voice.

Voice control is a nature and convenient control method, and it has been a hot spot in the development of intelligent technologies. It is thought that Siri voice control of Apple starts a new artificial intelligence science and technology revolution. Recent years, with the development of intelligent technologies, voice remote control appears in peoples life.

How dose a remote control achieve voice control? Remote control manufacturer Huayun industrial will answer for you.

First, voice remote control receive voice. There is a voice receiver in voice remote control panel,  it help remote control to receive voice. And then voice chip which is in the remote control will encode the collected information and transfer it to electronic devices.

Second, electronic device deal with the information. Take the case of television, it has tow parts, voice processing module and Bluetooth module, to deal with voice information. Bluetooth module receive the voice which comes from remote control, and transfer it to Cloud. Cloud will analyse the voice to collect related information and implement it. Network TV satisfies customer search conditions by the collection of third party information which is covering Web-wide video content collection. It continuous updates video data in 24 hours, this guaranteed customer can search the latest movies and videos. And all of these can be realized by voice remote control.

With the development of intelligent technology, human machine interaction tends to be naturalized. Huayun industrial thinks that voice remote control will be connected with peoples life in such a time of rapid development of intelligent technologies.  Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.

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