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How to deal with Bluetooth remote control when it is out of order? These tips can help you.

As the times change, smart devices are also changing. These years, with the rise of smart TV, the position of remote control has been changed. From dozens of keys to several keys, the amount of keys are decreased , but the functions are increased. Although technology is maturing , Bluetooth remote control will still be out of order. Now lets talk about what should we do when Bluetooth remote control is out of order.

First , battery run out, replace battery.

When remote control is not work , the first reaction is to replace the battery. Thats right. The battery inside the remote control has been slowly consuming electricity ,even if we  do not use the it. Especially some old devices , they will use more power. 

Second , Bluetooth connection is broken, re-adaptation

Then, after the battery is replaced, the Bluetooth remote control still cannot be used normally. What should we do? This may be an unexpected interruption of the Bluetooth connection caused by the system update problem, then you need to try to reconnect the adapter.

Third , Conductive layer aging, looking for professionals

A key failure may occur when the remote control is used for a long time, which is due to the aging of the conductive layer of the remote control. What should we do about this? Huayun suggests that ordinary consumers should better look for professionals to solve this problem, because this link involves the disassembly and installation of machines, ordinary people do not know how to handle even if they disassemble. After removing the remote control, each button has a circular soft cap on the back. Professionals will paste the tin back with double-sided glue and cut it to the size of the original cap and paste it into the original cap to replace the aging conductive layer.

The above are a few tips for solving the problem when the Bluetooth remote control fails. With the continuous development of the smart industry, Huayun believes that the application range of Bluetooth remote control will become more and more extensive, and people's connection with Bluetooth remote control will become closer.

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