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Intelligent voice remote control to take you into the think Union home!

Voice control remote control is the trend of the development of smart home appliances, but the current maturity needs to be improved. When we actually tested, we also found many problems, such as fuzzy instructions, dialect accent instructions have not been completely resolved. The use of voice control set-top boxes, and many TV voice control has become a display.
A few years ago, Apple's voice assistant Siri was considered "chicken ribs" by many users. Not only did they often listen to wrong instructions, but the wrong messages were sent to the wrong phone, and the function was very simple. Today's Siri function has been more perfect, not only to improve the accuracy of recognition, users can also rely on a simple "Hey Siri" can achieve remote wake-up. The improvement of speech recognition technology can not be achieved overnight. We believe that this technology is still one of the core of intelligent home appliances in the future.
In the trend of TV intelligent development, the traditional single function TV set has been phased out. The intelligent system voice remote control brings users more convenience and more entertainment, but the relative study cost is higher, especially relative to the elderly and children. When you set up the latest smart TV or TV box for your parents, the old people always feel at a loss. Although many international technology giants have tried to improve the human-computer interaction of television and put voice functions into the TV intelligent system, most television vendors are not popularized at the moment. Hua Yun Industrial remote controller manufacturer's voice remote controller brings you into the era of smart home.
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