FAQ of Remote Control manufacturer

1. Are you a factory?

A: Yes, we are a production and sales integration company located in Dongguan, China, so we can provide you OEM and ODM services with high-quality in low prices.


2. Where can the product be changed?

A: The functions, colors, button numbers, Logo, button printings...etc of the remote control can be customized according to your requirements,because we have a strong R&D department and production technology.


3. What about the sample?

A: - We can refund the sample fee to you when we receive your order.

- We can custom the color, the number of buttons, the logo and the function according to your requirements.

- When you want to get a remote control,you should provide us PDF documents of button printing and key codes.


4. Can you make the remote control with XXX function?

A: Yes,we can.We have a strong R&D department to serve you and achieve your requirements.


5. When did your company have been working? How many years?

A:Since 2006 we have been working,we have more than 12 years experience in remote control field.


6.Do you producer or distribution company?How many people working in your company at this moment?

A: Yes, we are the remote producer, we have our own factory located in Dalang Town,Dongguan City.And now 650 people working in our company.


7.Do you have export declaration?

A: Yes, we have, we can apply to custom by ourselves.


8. What are the certifications for your products?

A: Our products have passed Rohs,ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

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