Huayun 2.4G remote control, using AD-RF01 and AD-RF02 SOC type wireless transceiver chip, this type of chip is 1 / 0 type, with OTP as the program storage basis, comes with 2.4G high-speed wireless transceiver chip microcontroller. The wireless transceiver chip operates in the 2.400-2.483GHz world-wide ISM band. It integrates functional modules such as RF transceivers, frequency generators, crystal oscillators, and modems, and supports one-to-many networking and communication modes with ACK. The transmit output power, working channel, and communication data rate can all be configured. It adopts GFSK communication mode, supports automatic response and automatic retransmission, and has its own scrambling code and CRC check function. Can be applied to wireless mouse and keyboard, TV and set-top box remote control, wireless game controller, active wireless tags, smart home and security systems, remote control toys and other fields.


The AD-RF01 has a built-in 2KW OTP program memory and 128 bytes of data memory. In addition, the AD-RF01 provides a 16-bit hardware counter, two 8-bit counters (Timer2, Timer3), and three 11-bit counters (PWMG0, PWMG1,PWMG2) can generate PWM. In addition, AD-RF01 also provides a hardware comparator and 1/2VDD bias voltage for driving LCD.


AD-RF01 Features:

1. Wide operating voltage, support from 2.2V to 3.6V;
2. Clock mode: support external crystal oscillation, internal high frequency low frequency oscillation;
3. Quick wake-up function;
4. Built-in voltage booster to support up to 3X10 dot matrix LCD screen;
5. The wireless chip works at 2400~2483MHz universal ISM band;
6. Can be automatically process packets;
7. Wireless chip communication data rate programmable 250Kbps/1Mbps;
8. Wireless chip output power can be programming, wide adjustment range: From -36.8dBm to 12.9dBm;
9. The sensitivity of the wireless chip 250K/1M mode is -92.8/-86.5dBm;
10. Good anti-interference, high adjacent channel rejection of receiver filter and good receiver selectivity;
11. Wireless chip with low power consumption, excellent performance and few peripheral devices;
The AD-RF02 has a built-in 4KW OTP program memory and 256-byte data memory. It also has a 3-terminal USB1.1 low-speed interface and a 1-channel 8-bit PWM.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
AD-RF02 Features:
1. Compatible with 50 YSM14x/34x instructions;
2. 16-bit wide instruction 8-bit wide data;
3. 4K x 16bits OTP ROM;
4. Direct and indirect access to 256 x 8-bit general purpose RAM;
5. USB 1.1 low speed, HID interface SIE;
6. 3 endpoints (1 control and 2 I/O endpoints), SIE for each endpoint 8-fifo (24 total);
7. 8bits real time clock/counter;
8. Working at 2400—2483MHz World ISM Band;
9. Air data rate can be programmed to 250Kbps/1Mbps;
10. Wireless chip output power can be programmed with a wide range of adjustment: From -5dBm to 13dBm
11. The sensitivity of the wireless chip 250K/1M mode is -91/-87dBm;
12. Good anti-interference, high adjacent channel rejection of receiver filter, good receiver selectivity;
13. Low power consumption, excellent performance, and few peripheral components;
The Huayun 2.4G remote control with these two chips has higher performance, lower power consumption and longer battery life, so it can bring more powerful functions and is widely used in set-top box remote control and TV remote control. , computer remote control, gamepad.