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Set top box

Set top box

The set-top box is also called digital video conversion box, shorthand STB. The set-top box can connect external sources such as cable, satellite antenna, network and broadcast to the TV, and convert the received digital signal into TV content for people to watch. The most basic function of the set-top box is to receive digital TV. After years of development, the set-top box already has the functions of accessing the Internet, sending and receiving mail, video music on demand, conversational video conference, electronic game electronic shopping, etc., which can meet the needs of different groups of people's demand.


Set top box classification

1.TV-integrated machine: At present, most of the set-top boxes in China belong to this category, which can receive TV and provide some basic electronic service applications.

2.Machine card separation set-top box: The machine card separation set-top box separates the receiving device from the CA smart card to solve the problem that the set-top box cannot be mass-produced due to software differences. By inserting an adapted CAM card, the television and the set top box mediate the corresponding program.

3.Interactive set-top box: The interactive set-top box allows the TV to provide more TV channels with the same amount of frequency. Interactive set-top boxes can also be used to implement more applications by replacing software.
4.PVR set-top box: The PVR set-top box is a storage device added to the set-top box, which can store favorite programs and watch them later.
5.Dual Decoding Set-top Box: The dual-decoding set-top box can output two different programs at the same time. The cost of the set-top box is greatly increased, but the user can use one set-top box for two TVs at the same time.
6.DVB and IP set-top boxes: DVB digital video broadcasting, through a universal digital TV system, in which all transmissions are carried out in the simplest way to maximize versatility. IP is an Internet Protocol address, which is a digital label assigned to the Internet Protocol device used by users online. With the continuous updating and improvement of technology, a terminal product integrating DVB and IP will become a member of the family. It can connect the smart devices of the home to meet the requirements of family information.
A wide variety of set-top boxes emerge in an endless stream, yet they all have a common control, remote control, remote control to select the interface, adjust the volume, play games and more. Set-top box remotes also come in many categories to meet different types of set-top boxes.
Hua Yun remote control manufacturer specializing in customized Bluetooth |2.4G| voice, air conditioning, set-top box, infrared remote control.
Classification of set-top box remotes
From the functional point of view, infrared set-top box remote control, Bluetooth set-top box remote control, 2.4G set-top box remote control, these are the more common set-top box remote control on the market.
1.Infrared set-top box remote control: use infrared remote control signal output, suitable for coded infrared remote control set-top box, low cost and strong anti-interference ability. Its universal infrared remote control and learning infrared remote control make it suitable for most set-top boxes.
2.Bluetooth remote control: The Bluetooth remote control is connected to the set-top box via the Bluetooth protocol to control the set-top box. Bluetooth 4.0 and above, with ultra-low power consumption, ultra-stable connection and other advantages, it can be 360-degree remote control, remote control, is a good choice for the set-top box remote control.
3.2.4G remote control: 360-degree remote control, you can also implement functions such as mouse, keyboard, gamepad and so on.
Huayun has focused on the development and production of remote controls for more than 10 years, and has achieved outstanding achievements in the set-top box remote control. Different Bluetooth remote controls, 2.4G, Zigbee remote control, and infrared remote control solutions are available for different types of set-top boxes. Excellent R&D capability and mature system can provide complete solutions for all set-top box manufacturers, so that users of set-top boxes can get a more comfortable experience.

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